Came across this article on Facebook. I know the news is tragically unusual but the comments are hilarious, I had to share it with you guys.

Saturday morning chill session with Chet Faker.

My Love Grows In The Dark - SSION (POINDEXTER Remix)

MMRS 2013 Photo and Video Shoot

One of my favorite songs ever.

Oblivion - Bastille

I think I have finally accepted the fact that I was not as big a part of your life as you were in mine. I am no longer part of you.

It is sad. But I have to let you go. All these years, I tried to be present in your life even when it seems like you did not want me to stay.

I am sad, because I thought we would always last. You were part of my family, you were my best friend.

I love you, still. Because you still hold a special place in me but this time, it does not beg to be filled with good memories spent with you. It is content of being dusty and half-empty. I have gotten past my assumption that I hold a good part of you too.

So goodbye, dear friend.

On Being Different

Being different is not a privilege.

If you are different, truly different, then chances are you have always been different, you just do not know it then.

Maybe we are all different, in our own ways, in varying degrees, in the levels of acknowledgement that we give these differences.

Normalcy is society’s way of creating a system, to give humankind the harmony it seeks to live with. Normalcy is comfort. And men came to realize that normalcy does not complicate the equations of life.

Over time, this system had embedded itself on humankind and became the status quo.

Now there are few, those few who decided not to stay as comfortable as the others are. They seek what is beyond the normal and for this they are often called names because they are different, they are not normal.

They are the ones who change the world, in so many ways not known to everyone. They are those who seek to break the limits of reality.

But being different comes with a price.

Often times, being different feels so alone. And you are often misunderstood and called names, “weird” being the most abused of all.

Those deemed to be normal may once be different as well, but they might have wished to take the easy way out. After all, to be normal is to be part of the society. To be surrounded with people who live comfortably. To belong.

Some of those who continued to be different eventually became tired of their lives, they took it away. But their legacy continued to thrive, inspiring those they left to continue fighting.

Others who fought became successful, each contributing a little bit of difference in his own, be it in a small or a large scale.

Being different is hard work, but trying to be normal is an even harder task. How do you pretend to be some thing when you are another thing? How do you carry on being normal when you know you are capable of more?

Is it not lame to hear or to say “just be yourself” to another person? How prepared are we, really, to accept the “difference” of another person when we cannot even accept our own “differences”?

How do we become ourselves if we are in a constant state of being guarded, of being normal?

Difference is not a privilege. It is a right. It is a choice. It is you.

It is when we all become different that we become the same.

Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille

2 AM.

I’m still here. Sometimes thinking about you.

You didn’t have to greet me. I didn’t want to remember you. I don’t want to want you.

It’s 2 AM and I remember the blank sound of my phone when you’re on the other line sleeping. I kept it running, even when I hear nothing, until I’m almost asleep.

Do you remember that? Because I do. I remember everything.

And I miss you. Tonight, I miss you.

Come daylight, I hope you’re out of my mind. I hope I’ll tuck you as fast as I could to the darkest corner of my consciousness and run away.

Can you come in my dreams instead? I’ll forget you the moment I open my eyes. But in my unconsciousness, I will always remember.

2 AM. I’ll be sleeping. We could have been talking, but it’s been almost a year and I’ve stayed asleep during these hours since then.

I am finally a real adult in terms of age. Hahaha.

Thank you to everyone who greeted me. Thank you for making me feel special on my day!

I may not have everything I want but I’m happy that I have everything I need and much more. I am thankful for every day that I get to wake up to, for the time being lent to me to love and care and be with my family, for all the blessings that I can share to those who need them more. I am blessed and I am grateful in every way.

I am young and I can do so many things, and one day I will be as great as I imagine myself to be. I will never stop trying.

So help me, God. :)